A campaign inspired by

DreamCloud's Instagram community.

An idea that made Sports illustrated wonder if "Andrés Iniesta swaps fútbol for football"

To make the Fintech brand's products more relevant to people on 5 different regions, we had to come up with an idea that would be big enough to stretch between cultures and funnel stages. That's how we came up with 'There is a first time for everything' campaign, that meant to inspire people to try new things. But how you communicate such a vision? We collaborated with Andrés Iniesta (33M followers on Instagram) who was the one that unified the different audiences we wanted to reach in five different regions, as data shows. We asked Andrés to try a completely new sport for the first time to inspire people do the same.
But how do you make the content relevant to so many people?
You dig in to the data. Our research shown each region's top three sports, excluding football. What we did was to ask Andrés play those sports as well so we could have a bespoke, more relevant content to target each and every market. This way, people in the UK saw ads of Iniesta playing Boxing and Rugby; In UAE – Cricket and Tennis; People in Germany saw ads about Ice Hockey and Basketball, etc.
United Kingdom
Ice Hockey
The campaign was well perceived by both people – driving a +7.5pt increase in brand awareness, +14.6pt in ad recall, and media outlets – resulting with countless headlines in prominent magazines around the worlds such as Sports Illustrated, Mundo Deportivo and many more.
Production: Gemini Production
Director: Jonathan Gurfinkel
Ideation, creative & strategy: Facebook Creative Shop