Shot on my iPhone 3, made it to Trend Hunter, Lürzer's Archive, Clio Awards and more.

Funny thing, when you have an idea but not much time and resources to produce it, you just roll up your sleeves and finding creative ways to make creative. Honda's 'Auto-Correct' campaign was just one of those projects. We came up with an idea, made some prototypes, went to -4 floor in McCann's parking lot and started taking pictures of other employees' cars using my iPhone.

This campaign immediately has been picked up by Clio Awards, Lürzer's Archive, Trend Hunter, Ad Age's Creativity, Commercial Photo Japan, Creative Criminals and many more. We especially loved what the Brazilian blog Comunicadores shared in an article about the campaign:


"As Paul Valery once said: "Between two words, always choose the simplest; between two simple words, choose the shortest. " This search for simplicity that is worth to the text, also goes for the layout (Archives do not let me lie). This simple and intelligent advertisement is a creation of the McCann Tel Aviv that intends to emphasize that Honda is the right choice when changing cars. The message is simple and uses the auto-broker feature found in today's smartphones. I do not know, but I can smell Cannes."