A campaign inspired by

DreamCloud's Instagram community.

As a writer, I can say I didn't have almost any influence on the scripts of this project. That is the beauty of our new Instagram experience for Dream Cloud. 
When Dream Cloud's Head of Brand asked us to think about a way to demonstrate the power of the brand, we at Creative Shop knew that this an opportunity to build something unique and different. 
The strategy we came up with was that dreams inspire action. When you dream about things you care about after sleeping well – you wake up energized enough to realize these dreams. On Netflix's great documentary about Bob Dylan "Rolling Thunder Relive", he shares that he wrote 'One More Cup of Coffee' after dreaming about it at night.
So how Dream Cloud could leverage their community on Instagram and Facebook in a new, interactive way? 'Based On Real Dreams' is a people-first idea that gives the brand's community a voice and amplifies their dreams to inspire others. 
People-first, mobile-first
As an Instagram project, the execution had to be mobile-first – taking into consideration how people are going to consume the content. Leveraging our experience in mobile production, we have created a disruptive opening shot using a couple of tricks:
- camera heavy rotation to stop people in the feed and stories
- moments of transition between real world to dream world
- brand and product upfront
Vertical Thinking
We partnered up with Unit9's production studio Nucco Brain to develop a beautiful visual theme and animation line. All storyboards were vertical and in mobile in mind, what allowed us to make the most out of each and every frame.
Production Architecture
Dream Cloud
Production: Nucco Brain, London
Ideation, creative & strategy: Facebook Creative Shop